Tirol Initiative “Wheels for Life” helps handicapped people in the Philippines

Mr.Martin Baumgartl from Innsbruck, the founder of wheels for life, recently organized the transportation of a container full with 70 wheels chairs, 130 walkers, 40 special chairs and numerous crutches to Davao City in the Philippines. Many people in the Philippines can not afford to buy wheels chairs or other devices, therefore Mr.Baumgartl founded the mentioned association two years ago and continuously tries to help, where help is needed with his “wheels for life”; everybody is invited to support this initiative – more information under :

A big “Thank You” to Mr.Baumgartl and as the Philippine Consul in Tirol I will do my best to convince more people to support your initiative, to send more containers full of wheelchairs and other medical devices to the Philippines.

Maraming Maraming Salamat !!!


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