Philippine Consulate Innsbruck organizes help for YOLANDA victims in North-Cebu

Last sunday Nov.24th, a group of friends in Cebu headed north to bring water, food, etc… to the Yolanda-victims. Financial aid by LIONS Club Innsbruck, IMAD Marktforschung as well as private donations (families Ewald Spiegl, Rainer Rumplmayer, Walter Schöpf, Elisabeth Zanon, Alfred Ecker, Markus Huber, Alexandra Ravanelli, Oswald Ravanelli sen.,Hannes Kinzl and others to follow) made it possible that more than 200 families received water,  rice, sardines, biscuits, and basic toiletteries in the northern municipalities of Cebu, where help is needed. A team of volunteers (Drivers: Pedot and Dominic/ Volunteers: Missy,Natnat,Aprilet,Jhen,Noraine,Jacob,Jano,Janelle,Sweet,Claire,Francis, Lanie, Indie,Marites and Krizzy) – friends of Consul Dr.Traweger – under the supervision of Ms.Katherine organized the purchase and packing of more than 200 relief packs.

All relief packs were loaded in two multicabs and transported up north:

More than 200 families received rice, water, canned food, toiletteries and even some toys for the children. People lined up in the back of the multicabs and waited for their packs. Many people along the streets are still waiting for help and it is really important to continue raising money for the next transport up north. Every Euro, every Peso counts !!!!!

If YOU would like to contribute some money for this initiative, please contact Consul Dr.Traweger for more details ( next trip with relief goods will be organized during the first week of December as well as a special trip mainly for the children before Christmas.

Thanks again to the donors in Tirol as well as to the volunteers in Cebu/Mactan.

Maraming Maraming Salamat!!!

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