Consul Dr.Traweger attends book launch of “Blumentritt and Rizal, The Austrian Friend behind the Philippine National Hero” (by Prof.Harry Sichrovsky) in the Yuchengco Museum in Manila.

On the occasion of Jose Rizals 150th birthday a book on “Blumentritt and Rizal, The Austrian Friend behind the Philippine National Hero” , published by AustroMedia in Cooperation with the Philippine Austrian Cultural Society (PACS) in Manila, was introduced to the public. H.E.Mag.Wilhelm Donko, Ambassador to Austria will give the keynote speech on the unique friendship between Ferdinand Blumentritt and Jose Rizal.  Present at the event to speak in honour of his father was the son of the late author Mag.Peter Sichrovsky, former member of the European Parliament and Honorary Consul Prof.Dr.Christian Traweger, who talked about the traces of Blumentritt to the state of Tyrol. Additionally there will be the first public presentation of the painting “Noli Me Tangere” by the great greatchild of Prof.Ferdinand Blumentritt, Erwin Blumentritt, an artist that lives in Ebbs/Kufstein in Tyrol, who painted this masterpiece in the beginning of 2011. The CEO of AustroMedia Alfred Reiterer donated 150 books for schools to the President of MAPUA, Dr.Reynaldo Vea.  Two children of the SOS Children Village in Manila, Kate and Rona read 4 selected letter from Dr.Jose Rizal to Prof.Ferdinand Blumentritt, where among was the latest letter of Dr.Jose Rizal to Ferdinand Blumentritt, which he wrote a few hours before his execution on December 29, 1896, in Fort Santiago, starting with “My dear Brother,….”.  Ambassador Donko handed over an original letter on the occasion of that festivity, that was signed by the remaining relatives of Prof.Ferdinand Blumentritt, Ernst Mariano Blumentritt, the grandson who celebrated his 100th birthday on June 8th 2011 in Staig,Germany and the two grand grandchildren that lives inTirol, Ilse Blumentritt and Erwin Blumentritt.  The MC for that evening was the charming and wonderful curator of the Yuchengco Museum Ms.Jeannie E. Javelosa.

Beside the following pictures you can also watch the video of an interview on NBN Channel.

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