Filipino artist Pancho Piano shows paintings at the MCI in Innsbruck

Philippine Consul Dr.Christian Traweger in cooperation with Thelmo Cunanan Jr, HC of Georgia in the Philippines organized an art exhibit at the MCI in Innsbruck;  the exhibit (vernissage) was officially openened by the President of the Regional Assembly DDr.Herwig van Staa. Multi awarded Filipino artist Pancho Piano from Bicol showed more than 20 paintings. The opening took place on monday, November 30th, 6pm at the MCI I, 3rd floor, Universitätsstrasse 15 in Innsbruck. The host Rektor Dr.Altmann welcomed  more than 40 guests and Hon´s Consul Traweger and Consul Cunanan emphasized the importance of art within bilateral relations and the excellent relations between Tirol and the Philippines. During the official opening President DDr.Herwig van Staa talked about the relations Tirol and the Philippines, focusing mainly on the academic relations but also on the recent visit of our Governor Günther Platter to Manila and Tacloban.

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Tirol Governor Günther Platter visits the Philippines

During his recent visit to the Philippines Governor Günther Platter reopened the Herman-Gmeiner-Schule in the SOS children village in TACLOBAN, which was heavily destroyed by typhoon Yolanda in 2013. More than 1000 children can go to school there now and more than 100 children found a new home in the renovated houses of the children village. The key of the new school was handed over by Gov.Platter to the Hon.President of SOS CV Helmut Kutin in presence of the Secretary of DILG Hon.Mel Sarmiento and HC Traweger, VP Gottein, Mag.Schett, Dr.Schranz and Ms.Lisa Koscak – Austrian Trade comissioner in Manila. On day 2 of his visit, the Austrian delegation (Gov.Platter, Honorary Consul Dr.Traweger, Mag.Schett, Mag.Gottein -Vice-President of ECCP in Manila and Dr.Luis Schranz from Medalp-Imst) paid a visit to the DOT together with the Austrian Ambassador Dr.Müllner and the Austrian Trade Comissioner Mag.Lisa Koscak, where an intense discussion with USec.Hon.Bong Bengzon on Tirol´s competence on tourism (Gov.Platter), Academic programs (Dr.Traweger), business oportunities (Mag.Gottein) and health tourism (Dr.Schranz) led to the signing of an LOI (Letter of intent) regarding future cooperation on tourism and more scholarship and OJT´s to the respective countries Tirol and the Philippines. A reception was hosted by Ambassador Dr.Müllner, where Gov.Platter met among others the oldest Austrian Honorary Consul and Icon of the Philippine economy Hon.Washington Sycip from SGV and the former secretary of the DFA Hon.Delia Albert. A city tour – with a focus on the National hero Dr.Jose Rizal and his best friend Ferdinand Blumentritt organised by HC Traweger and VP Gottein concluded the visit to the Philippines. A special Thanks to Governor Platter for visitng the Philippines and the state of Tirol for the continous support and also to the DOT and his team for providing a courtesy car and hosting lunch in Intramuros. Maraming Maraming Salamat!!!

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Philippine Ambassador H.E.Maria Zeneida Angara-Collinson visits Tirol and Vorarlberg

During her recent visit to Tirol H.E.Angara-Collinson had a meeting with Governor Günther Platter on his upcoming visit to the Philippines as well as on future cooperation in tourism, Tourism-marketing and academic programs related to tourism. During her visit she also had a meeting with Mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer and the principal of Ferrarischule Innsbruck Mr.Manfred Jordan. Scholars of the Philippines should be granted the possibility of joing selected courses on service, cooking and hospiatilty management by that school. Social highlight was the reception on “10 years philippine consulate in Innsbruck” in the Parissaal in Innsbruck. During a trip to Vorarlberg Ambassador Angara-Collinson met with Governor Wallner, Vice-Governor Rüdisser and President of the Regional Assembly Mag.Sonderegger. During a company visit to Fa.Doppelmayer Urban-Rope-Ways were introduced. A get-together with the Filcom of Vorarlberg was another highlight within the visit to Vorarlberg. Interesting talks, meetings and for sure a lot of fun with the Filcom in Innsbruck and Dornbirn should convince Madame Ambassador to visit the west of Austria again in the near future. Maraming Maraming salamat !!!

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Notice of Deactivation of Overseas Voters

Dear members of the Filipino communities in Tirol and Vorarlberg

The embassy in Vienna informed about the deactivation of Oversea Voters in Austria, so
kindly visit the link below regarding the Notice of Deactivation of Overseas Voters, to wit:

HC Dr.Christian Traweger

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Neues Philippinisches Lokal – Kubo lounge – in Innsbruck

Vor kurzem eröffnete Herr Nelson Esteba in innsbruck in der Sonnenburgstrasse die Kubo lounge, welche ab sofort Interessierten athentische Philippinische Speisen bietet. In der Küche ist Tina für die ausgezeichneten Gerichte verantwortlich. Konsul Dr.ChristianTraweger besuchte mit seiner Gattin Barbara und dem Konsulatsteam Ines und Georg das neue Lokal, wo man sich bester Frühlingsrollen, gebackener WanTan´s, Bansit Bihon, Beef mit Broccoli und Chicken Adobo/ Pork Adobo erfreute. Eine Bereicherung für das interkulturelle Gastronomieangebot und jedenfalls einen Besuch wert. Die Kubo lounge bietet allen Besuchern die Möglichkeit gute philippinische Speisen kennen zu lernen. Gratuliere dem kubo lounge Team mit Chef Nelson und Superköchin Tina.  Masarap, Masarap!!!!!!!!

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WICHTIGE INFORMATION von der Philippinischen Botschaft, Wien

Liebe Vertreter der Philippinischen Gemeinschaften,

im Auftrag der Philippinischen Botschaft in Wien darf ich Ihnen folgende WICHTIGEN  Informationen weiterleiten und ersuche um Bekanntmachung in ihren Gruppierungen/Gemeinschaften. Wenn möglich auch um Verlinkung/Bekanntgabe auf den jeweiligen homepages.

Es handelt sich dabei um

-          Aufruf zur Oversea Voting Registration

-          News zu Philippinischen Reisepässen

Ich ersuche Sie weiters mir möglichst rasch bekannt zu geben (eventuell bis Anfang Juli) wie viele Personen sich für die „Election 2016“ registrieren möchten; im Mai 2016 ist dann auch Briefwahl möglich.


All Philippine passport holders must apply for a new e-Passport (Dark Maroon – above right) as soon as possible before the expiry of their current Machine Readable-Ready Passport (Green) or Machine Readable Passport (Maroon). Those who fail to do so will likely encounter difficulty at immigration checks when traveling through any ports of entry around the world after October 2015.

Wenn sich ausreichend Personen registrieren möchten, dann würde die Botschaft aus Wien jeweils in Tirol und Vorarlberg einen Consular Day organisieren.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Christian Traweger, Honorarkonsul für Tirol und Vorarlberg

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Consul Dr.Traweger visits Philippine community in Vorarlberg

On thursday May 21st, 2015 Consul Dr.Traweger visited the Philippine community in Vorarlberg, to discuss current topics on consular matters. During a business dinner more than 10 representatives of different Philippine groups and associations took the opportunity to discuss these topics with Consul Dr.Traweger. Among the participants were representatives of  PAAV, IDIA, Philippine chaplaincy, Philippinische Gemeinschaft, Jesus reigns comunity and EDABEM Vorarlberg. Main issues were “Doppelstaatsbürgerschaft” Balikbayan-Visum, passport (new and renewal), land purchase, Oversea Voters registration and documents that can be processed via the consulate in innsbruck (e.g. “Ehefähigkeitszeugnis”). A special thanks to Ms.Fraida Thurnher from PAAV, who arranged the venue in Dornbirn and informed all the groups about this meeting.

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Philippine Scholar Vanessa Austria Casareo makes courtesy visit to the President of the Regional Assembly DDr.Herwig Van Staa and MCI Rektor Dr.Andreas Altmann

This years scholar Vanessa Casareo from Manila studied for one semester at the MCI in Innsbruck under the umbrella of the MoU between Tirol and the Republic of the Philippines. Courses opened a broader view and deeper insight in the field of Tourism and Leisure-Management. During her stay she was well integrated in the Philippine Community of Tirol and made many friends. Vanessa:”I cannot believe how much I have seen, learned and experienced in such a short period of time. I have become an excited fan and supporter of Tirol and it´s culture as well as a big fan of the MCI, which offered me a lot of academic possibilities during this semester. Thank you and Maraming Maraming Salamat to President van Staa and Rektor Altmann!!!” The entire scholarship was handled by Consul Dr.Traweger, who underlines the importance of these academic and bilateral activities between Austria/Tirol and the Philippines. During her visit she also had the opportunity to visit Austria´s capitol Vienna and make a courtesy visit at the Philippine embassy, where she had a talk with Consul Juan Borromeo and Consul Toni Bosa. “On the other hand we have almost 20 students that take part in a short study program during the month of February in Manila and in Cebu, where our students study at UP Dilliman and at the University of San Carlos in Cebu as well as a group of students from the MCI that attended a special management training program at the AIM, the Asian Institute of Management in Manila”, so Dr.Traweger.

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Bell for the Papal visit in January 2015 to the Philippines comes from Tirol

On the occasion of the upcoming visit of Pope Franziskus to the Philippines in January 2015, Europe´s leading bell casting company Grassmayr from Innsbruck, Tirol donated the bell for the mass in Luneta, Manila. Consul Dr.Traweger, who was invited for the casting and the birth of the bell as well as the final polishing, expressed a special thank you to Johannes Grassmayr, who also invited representatives of the Philippine community on that occasion. The following pictures show the modelling of the signum of the bell, the casting, the birth as well as the polished bell. During the birth of the bell three priests from St.Pauls congregation wer also present. Maraming Maraming Salamat to the company Grassmayr and may the bell´s beautiful sound welcome and rejoioce His Holiness Pope Franziskus to the Philippines.

Another highlight is the casting of a carillon (24 bells with 4.420kg) for the National Shrine of Perpetual Help of the famous Baclaran Church. This carillon is already delivered by the Grassmayr company and should rejoice the Filipinos already during Christmas time. Pictures show the carillon and it´s major bell.

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Consul Dr.Traweger strengthens academic ties AUT-RP during European Higher Education Fair in Manila 2014

During the recently held European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Manila on Nov 15th, 2014, the University of Innsbruck (LFU) and the Management Center of Innsbruck presented their programs to young Filipino students.  The fair was officially opened with a ribbon cutting by the participating European Ambassadors. More than 2000 students visited the booths of the two academic institutions and requested information on different academic programs offered in english language as well as those programs where German is a basic requirement. Consul Traweger expressed in his speech, that in the future more Filipino students should choose Innsbruck as their prime academic destination and also promoted Tirol as the place of ecxellence when it comes to studying in Austria.

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